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Natalie Novick

Incredible. What a gem to find here in Berlin. You will find a true dedication to cuisine and dining experience here, it is worth seeking out.

willkein kanal

Quite nice food and staff.

Blair Waldraff

We were first time in this Indian restaurant, the location is perfect, magnificent interior decoration with golden pillars and wooden furniture, fantastic and comfortable Lounge, the service is very professional and attentive

Jack de Bock

Nice Food


The restaurant is located in a silent neighborhood, almost a bit unimposing…But the food was quite delicious, we had two different dishes. We got a table without having a reservation. The waiters were very friendly and professionally. The drinks and food were served quite quickly.
I can only recommend this place – the one dish was tagged as “hot” but it wasn’t as hot as I had expected.

Michele W

Very good Goan fish curry. Lovely garlic naan too. Good service and enjoyed ambiance. 

Natalija G

Large selection of Indian food, they’re offering Indian wine and some food which is not on the typical menu of indian food. The ambient is very cosy, the only problem is that they only accept German Credit cards – if you don’t have one, you need cash which i snot very convenient.

Daniela Subei

We were there for dinner tonight! A super nice attentive staff and very delicious food! We will gladly come back next time in Berlin! Thank you and good appetite to all staff after sunset today.